out the box, out of line
Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion:
for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.

Wed, 27th of August


#angelicpretty #sweetgirlroom on display at #angelicprettysf.

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Wed, 27th of August


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Wed, 27th of August
❝ And for a moment―for a split second―everything else falls away, the whole pattern and order of my life, and a huge joy crests in my chest. I am no one, and I owe nothing to anybody, and my life is my own. ❞
—   Lauren Oliver, Hana (via observando)   —
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Wed, 27th of August


I had my boyfriend who smokes use matches for a few days instead of a lighter and record the date and time and whatever he was thinking about while smoking. 

It’s funny that he quit smoking a few weeks after this project. 

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Wed, 27th of August



Still learning how to cat. It’s a slow process.

He turns around like “THIS ISNT WORKING”

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Tue, 26th of August


wouldn’t it be a million times hotter if alana was detaining bedelia instead of will in tome-wan? yes, it would.

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Tue, 26th of August
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Tue, 26th of August
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Tue, 26th of August


“Although I am a typical loner in my daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has prevented me from feelings of isolation.”

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Tue, 26th of August
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Tue, 26th of August
Friend: why are you crying?
Me: I'm just so beautiful
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Tue, 26th of August


"Marco’s alive!"

"Listen to my Marco’s alive theory!"

"Marco is a titan shifter!"


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Tue, 26th of August


War Kitties in Hammocks

Carriers and other vessels got infested with rodents. So cats were not just moral boosters (which they very much were) they were also working members of the crew. Some have even been immortalized for surviving multiple attacks on their ships, etc. Military dogs have been recognized for the important roles they’ve played but I think cats kinda get lost in the shuffle of military animals sometimes.

This is an instant reblog.

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